Revisión sobre actividad fisica y salud de 5 a 11 años

Change4Life, a campaing of Public Health England,  publishes in 2015 this rapid evidence review. The objective was to identify relevant literature on the physiological, psychological, social, and behavioural outcomes of physical activity participation among children aged 5 – 11 years, and provide an indication of the strength of the evidence for each outcome.
The physiological outcomes with the strongest evidence for a positive association with physical activity among 5 – 11 years olds are: cardio-metabolic health; muscular strength; bone health; and cardiorespiratory fitness. The psychological outcomes with the strongest evidence are: self-esteem; anxiety/stress; academic achievement; cognitive functioning; and attention/concentration. The social outcomes with positive associations with physical activity are confidence and peer acceptance. There was insufficient evidence on any of the behavioural outcomes included in the review.

The review

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