What is the Physical Activity, Sport and Health Plan

Plan of the Government of Catalonia (between the Health and the Sports Department) which aims to improve health through physical activity.

PAFES works through:

  • Building capacity for Health and sport professionals on advice and prescription of physical activity.
  • Providing environments where it is easy to practice physical activity: by identifying, creating and designing routes and resources for physical activity at the local level.

It is about people getting a prescription for physical activity by their health or sport professional, and then finding an environment that facilitates the practice of physical activity.

PAFES is a strategic line of the Health and Sports Departments that it is included in the Catalan Pla de Salut, Intersectoral Plan of Public Health (PINSAP) and the National Physical Activity Promotion Plan(PNPAF) and is a part of the Integral Plan for the Promotion of Physical Activity and healthy diet(PAAS).

The PAFES is a pioneering experience that starts in 2007 dessigned from the collection of good local practices of physical activity promotion. It has been recognized by Spain with the NAOS award 2008. Today all health centers in Catalonia have been trained about physical activity counselling and advice in order that health professionals recommend people to do a minimum of 30 minutes 5 days per week (adults) or 60 minuts each day (children and teenagers). Also sports technicians have been trained at the municipal level (public and private) and more than 300 municipalities have joined the Plan. Furthermore the PAFES has meant:- The promotion of networking between health and sport’s professionals to promote physical activity

– More than 500,000 people have been advised by a nurse or a doctor about physical activity

– A network of more than 2,700 Km of healthy rutes has been identified

– The celebration of World Day of Physical Activity in Catalonia since 2010. With more than 200,000 people participating in 2014

– Sedentarisme has decreased from 2006 to 2013 by 15% according to the Catalan Health Survey


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